December 01, 2009

As part of its multi-pronged effort to establish itself as a carrier of choice to the Dominican Republic, QT Talk has finalized an agreement with Tricom, one of the Dominican Republic’s largest telcom operators and providers of cable TV, long distance, mobile telephony, and high-speed data services. QT Talk will exchange access to its direct international routes, in exchange for highly favorable termination rates into the Dominican Republic..

Tricom is the incumbent PTT or government-assigned telecommunication provider in the country. The Dominican Republic, with a population of ten million, is an avid and growing consumer of telecom services, thanks to the high number of its citizens living abroad in the US and Latin America. This deal is significant for QT Talk, which maintains a large presence in Dominican communities in New York State and the Northeast. QT Talk is also in negotiations with Codetel and Wind Telecom, two other leading providers of broadband, cable, and telecommunications services.

“With these new agreements, QT TALK can offer very competitive rates to the Dominican Republic. And since calls will be going directly from our subscribers, over our own network, right to the Dominican Republic, the quality will be virtually perfect,” said Gary Lane, Vice President of Business Development, who helped conclude the deal on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic with QT Talk executives. Says Lane, “We’re excited by the quick and successful negotiations with Tricom. Our growing number of subscribers has brought a lot of traffic to the DR, and we’re leveraging this traffic now, by building profitable relationships with Telecom leaders in the Dominican Republic. Shareholders will see this reflected in our revenues.”

Taking advantage of recent inroads into the Dominican Republic, QT Talk is also in negotiations with an established cable conglomerate. Upon conclusion of the deal, QT Talk will serve as the designated provider of the telephony and internet component of a so-called “Triple Play” which will offer the service to an existing base of 160,000 subscribers.

The Triple Play will deliver QT Talk’s internet signal over the resident cable company’s network. To accomplish this, QT Talk will bring TransCaribbean fiber into the cable company’s central office.

“When we build a direct route into the area, we will introduce preferential pricing and pristine quality,” said Mr. Lane, “and we expect a significant portion of current subscribers to take advantage of this package. This will give us the chance to make a splash with voice telephone service, as well as with our quality internet service.”

QT Talk will disclose the name of the company with whom it is in merger discussions as soon as soon as the deal is finalized. Meanwhile, internet fiber installation has already begun.

Thanks to QT Talk’s new alliances in the Dominican Republic, the company hopes to grow its customer base in both countries. “We’ve built brand recognition and loyalty, thanks to our alliances with money remittance organizations like US Starcom, and charitable organizations in the U.S, like ACDP,” said Edwin Quintana who is in charge of community relations for QT TALK. “We want to be a one stop communication center for families on both sides of the Atlantic, and we’re working towards becoming a brand name in the Dominican Republic.”

Tricom is a world-class telephone company, and the first Dominican company to register with the New York Stock Exchange. Tricom provides a full range of residential, business and mobile telecommunications services to the Dominican Republic. For information go to: www.tricomusa.net