September 14, 2009

After a year of development and negotiation, QT Talk signed an agreement to launch a global interconnection with France Telecom. One of the world’s leaders in telecommunications services, France Telecom is making its extensive network of direct routes fully available to QT Talk.

As the third largest mobile operator in Europe with a customer base of 186 million customers in 30 countries, France Telecom’s infrastructure extends to highly desirable markets around the world. QT Talk hopes to benefit from France Telecom’s huge footprint in Europe and Africa in particular, allowing QT Talk access to many new markets. France Telecom plans to use many of QT Talk’s, Caribbean, Central and South American routes to expand its footprint in the Southern Hemisphere.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to ally ourselves with a strong global player,” said Anthony Garzone, QT Talk’s East Coast Regional Manager. “This is a huge extension of our network. We now have a very close connection and a solid partnership with France Telecom, so we anticipate this relationship will be extremely profitable.”

The exchange will immediately add millions of minutes of traffic per month to QT Talk’s volume, and allow the company to offer more variety and quality to retail subscribers.

Says Eric Ramos, QT Talk Vice President of Carrier Sales, “We have a special tiered agreement with France Telecom for many of these countries, and will have access to their routes at very competitive prices. Their quality is superior, which should really appeal to our retail customers.”

In order to complete the interconnection, QT Talk’s technical performance had to meet France Telecom’s demanding standards, passing a rigorous five-phase test. Having accomplished this, QT Talk’s interconnection with France Telecom went live on August 28th, 2009.

QT Talk anticipates its sales will increase from 20 to 30 percent from this new strategic alliance with France Telecom.