September 5, 2007

QT Talk, a leading provider global VoIP company, today announced that in the second quarter companies such as iBasis (NASDAQ: IBAS), IDT (NYSE:IDT.C), Verizon (NYSE:VZ) Primus (OTCBB:PRTL) KDDI (Symbol: KDDIF) PCCW (Symbol: PCCWY) MCI (Symbol: MCI) and many others has interconnected with QT Talk for international voice services. The interconnection with QT Talk enables these Global Carriers to route international voice traffic over QT Talk's global VoIP network.

These Global Carriers are utilizing QT Talk's Next Generation network international routing product, which is specifically designed to deliver the highest quality and stability for international completion of calls originated by retail consumers. Through a DirectVoiP IP interconnection, carriers can fully leverage QT Talk' VoIP leadership, including sophisticated network performance monitoring and call routing systems based on the company's patent-pending Assured Quality Routing technology.

"Two of the major trends in the global telecommunications landscape today are the widespread adoption of VoIP services and the emergence of new service providers," said Eric Ramos, Vice President of Business Development for QT Talk. "By leveraging our global VoIP network and relationships with hundreds of carriers around the world; QT Talk will deliver the highest quality international services, continue to focus on the growth of our domestic consumer base, and launch new innovative IP-based services. QT Talk will set record highs in 2007," said Louis Arriola President and CEO of QT Talk.