August 8, 2007

QT Talk, the global Internet communications company, today announced collaboration with hardware partners to deliver the first WiFi phones for QT Talk software, making Internet calling on the move a reality. By enabling consumers to make Internet calls without a computer, QT Talk is freeing people to travel where ever they want to go and still be able to make important phone calls with quality and savings.

We want to give people the freedom to move around while talking and have access to QT Talk wherever they are – whether in front of a computer or while moving around the home, office or hotel. Now people can make wireless Internet calls and enjoy the great QT Talk cost savings and sound quality anywhere there is a WiFi access.

WiFi phones are perfect to use with the WiFi access points in most homes, offices, hotels or campuses. With QT Talk software pre-loaded and an intuitive interface, QT Talk WiFi phones are easy to use and offer the freedom of Internet calling without being tied to one place. With these WiFi phones, consumers can make QT Talk calls from open access points anywhere in the world at no cost or to traditional landlines and mobile phones at very low rates.

The user interface and functionality available on QT Talks WiFi phones is as familiar and enjoyable as using QT Talk on a computer. QT Talk users now have the ability to take QT Talk Contacts with them where ever they are and call them.

The easy to use devices come with everything built-in to connect to QT Talk via any personal, business or free public WiFi access point.

Combining the powerful communications functions of QT Talk with the power of mobility, the new QT Talk WiFi phones will all be available on QT Talk.com.