April 16, 2007

QT Talk today announced the launch of QT-Talk, a new powerful and feature-rich nationwide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service in Canada that uses broadband instead of traditional telephone lines.

The new QT-Talk service dramatically cuts telephone costs to anywhere, anytime for half the cost of traditional lines. QT-Talk's rates are amongst the lowest in World.QT-Talk is modeled on QT Talk highly successful VoIP service. Designed to be simple to use and includes - at no extra cost - powerful features like, call forwarding, call return, and last number redial.

QT-Talk does not require a user to have a computer. The service can also be used with a computer and broadband Internet.

QT-Talk is easy to install and use as a supplement to a customers' standard telephone.

QT-Talk also offers significant savings for small and medium businesses, and allows organizations to use a common IP network to integrate telecommunications and IT systems.

The introduction of QT-Talk is a landmark step in the evolution of the organization's services in Canada.

"QT Talk is one of the first major telecommunications company in Canada to release a phone service using the Internet to the residential and commercial markets.

"I am very confident with the experience and the success we have seen with our QT-Talk VoIP service in the US market, we have developed a premium grade product which is well suited to the Canadian market and which delivers exceptional value," he said.

The service is available to anyone with a landline, cellular phone or broadband connection, as well as existing QT-Talk customers.